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A Healing Experience Paul Lane Funeral Home

Bringing family and friends together at a time of loss is natural, and a socially-expected practice. Not only that, a funeral or memorial service, whether in a traditional or contemporary setting, is the first step in healing.

The ceremony to honor your loved one needn't be traditional; there are many different ways to celebrate the life and love you shared. In fact, the design of a funeral or memorial service is limited only by your imagination. That's where the Paul Lane Funeral Home, which serves the residents of Richmond Hill, can help. Our suggestions, based on knowledge and experience, will help you create a memorable service.

You can have your service literally anywhere and any way you want. The possibilities are endless. We can help you create the most suitable and memorable service to honor your loved one.

The Burial or Cremation Choice

You will need to decide if you want your loved one to be buried or cremated. Here’s what you need to know for each choice:


For thousands of years, burial has been a traditional means of caring for the physical remains of a loved one. Historical precedence is one thing, but for you, burial may simply be the tradition of your family. When burial is chosen, your loved one may be:

·         Interred in the ground in a regulated cemetery, or if local legislation allows, on private property

·         Entombed in a crypt within a mausoleum

·         Buried at sea

Even if it isn’t what your family has commonly done over the years, there are many personal reasons you may have to choose burial over cremation. These could include:

·         Religious or geographical preferences

·         An aversion to the cremation practice of using flame to reduce the remains to ash

·         You wish to erect a monument in honor of your loved one

·         You wish to have a natural location where you can visit, graced with trees and open spaces

If you think that burial is the right choice for your family, there are some important decisions you must make. For example:

·         Do you wish the body to be embalmed?

·         What kind of casket and vault would you prefer?

·         Which cemetery would you select, and do they have space available?

·         What type of monument, headstone or marker would you like?

·         What words would you like to put on the headstone, marker, or monument?


Cremation has been a part of the human experience for a very long time and is the preferred method of caring for a loved one in many parts of the world. People choose cremation because they believe it to be the right choice for them. It’s as deeply personal of a decision as that of selecting burial. The decision could be based on:

·         Financial Challenges. The cost of direct cremation with no funeral or memorial service is often one-quarter of a traditional burial.

·         The Desire for Simplicity. There is nothing simpler than a direct cremation, where the body is transferred straight to the crematory and everything is done within hours of completing the necessary paperwork.

·         The Need for Flexibility. A memorial service after a direct cremation can be arranged at a time that's convenient for family members. There is no rush to put together a ceremony which many in the circle can’t attend due to time or financial constraints.

·         The Intention to More Fully Honor a Loved One. A service can be planned for weeks, even months, after the cremation. This means more people can get involved and there’s plenty of time to gather meaningful scriptural passages, poetry, literary quotes, music, photos and videos.

If any of those reasons ring true for you and your family, then cremation may be the perfect alternative for your loved one.